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Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

Friends and Family,

The three of us Chisholm-Harts are spending our Thanksgiving eve thinking about what we are grateful for. Obviously all of you are top of mind. 

We are settling into our temporary digs in Petaluma, Abel is busy practicing his walking and Hanna is busy practicing ordering boxes from Amazon. We are adding those items to the things that we salvaged from the Glen Ellen house (pictured in their entirety in the attached file) and getting back to ‘operational’ status. Thanks to all of you.

I (Nate) have thought long and hard about the experience and my gratitude only grows. In short, the world would be a different place if everyone who experienced a loss felt so supported and loved. I have slightly longer thoughts and I will send a link in the next few days to all of you and you can go and read them if you would like.  

In 2017 we lost a lot of things. But we gained some amazing people and were reminded of people who have been amazing the whole time. Thank you.

Nate, Hanna, and Abel

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